General Jackson

Jim O Pana 01

This is another oil painting from my Civil War collection although I like painting Trompe L’Oeil style, this off to battle scene includes my first attempt at horses. With the research and size at 20″x24″ the work involved was a bit more time consuming. I may add some more horses later in the year. I am still sorting through all of the 150th Anniversary shots and earlier to find the perfect scene.




Today’s print of the day is the “Grackle” along with Civil War Art my other love is wildlife. Particularly birds. This grackle caught my eye directly and had to be painted. It is one of my wife’s favorite paintings, I thought I better show it soon! That is it for today, please stay tuned as I a catching up to the technology one hour at a time.


Jim O Pana 15

Hello blog world. My name is Jim Opdenaker and I have never blogged a day in my life. So here it goes. I plan on blogging at least a few times a week so the virtual world may see my work and maybe welcome me into a new career path. I was formally trained at the Art Institute of Philadelphia but after graduation went into commercial art and printing. Hopefully, with some exposure my fine art will pave the way to a new life of painting. Hope to see you back almost every day please feel free to comment, feedback is appreciated